We welcome YOU for being YOU

Affirmation, Inclusiveness, Diversity

About YouYou

YouYou is a community committed to the safe space of spiritual minorities and LGBTQIA+. We're here for those who left or were left behind in religious or heteronomative institutions. We advocate interfaith action and understanding, and celebrate diversity of all backgrounds and orientations. We walk together in our own unique paths, and we love to walk with you.

Statement of love & support for all members of our LGBT+ community in Singapore
you are special JUST the way you are

Statement of Purpose

Our Principles

  • To affirm each person regardless of background, such as spiritual belief and orientation.
  • To embrace queer diversity and religious pluralism.
  • To provide a safe space for the LGBTQIA+, spiritual and non-faith minorities.
  • To discuss honestly the benefits and harms of institutions and communities we experienced.
  • To uplift every member with their orientation, choice of spirituality, and life journey.



Narratives and experiences are kept secure here.



Respect each other as you would wish others to respect you.



One for all, all for one.
We are all in this together.
No member is left behind.

We are here for...

  • The broken hearted
  • The down trodden
  • The broken hearted
  • The down trodden
  • The guilt ridden
  • The outcast
  • The bullied
  • The shamed
  • The non-conforming
  • The jaded + numb
  • The condemned
  • The ex-believer
  • The non-religious
  • The disillusioned
  • The unchurched
  • The conflicted
  • The afflicted
  • The excommunicated
  • The questioning + unsure
  • The seeker

Lights for Pink Dot
[words written on card] imagine a space where you could find wisdom in all faiths, like Buddhism, Christianity, Wicca... and in science, humanism and art. imagine a space where all geners --- women, non-binary, and men were equal and LGBTQ+ people fully welcome & loved. Imagine a space which didn't tell you what to believe but helped you discover your own spirituality. imagine a space with no dogma or creeds, but with tolerance & love. YouYou

Our YouYou sessions aim to:

  • Be individually beneficial every time
  • Have members feel secure and free
  • Develop a continued genuine interest in each other's lives.

Every issue can be discussed in a civil and respectful manner.
Every session can be beneficial to each individual.
All emotions can be managed.
All expressions and views come from a valid human being.


people talking outside

YouYou Singapore